Kentico xPerience
(Digital Experience Platform)

Kentico’s products include Kentico xPerience Platform, the all-in-one CMS, E-commerce, and Online Marketing platform, and Kentico Cloud, the comprehensive cloud-first headless CMS and digital experience platform. Kentico cant be away from any digital transformation program which allows you to manage contacts and campaigns, track customer journeys, provide global e-commerce functionality, and measure and analyze the results to create and manage customer experiences easily in a dynamic business environment.
Kentico Cloud is the cloud-first headless CMS and digital experience platform. Users can manage structured content for multi-channel delivery, use the API-first CMS to display that content on any website or device, and track visitor interactions to personalize the digital experience.
Kentico has 1,000 digital solution partners and powers 25,000 websites across 100 countries. Founded in 2004, Kentico is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner headquartered in the Czech Republic with offices in the US, UK, Netherlands, Singapore, and Australia.
Cora Sequence™ iBPMS is an intelligent workflow software which optimizes your business processes, enabling you to achieve business digital transformation. Sequence provides superior control over dynamic changes, using unique HotChange® technology. Gartner recognizes Sequence as an iBPMS (Intelligent BPM Suite) – the leading Microsoft-based BPMS in this class

Intelligent Business Process Management

Cora Sequence by Genpact extends Microsoft platforms like SharePoint, Dynamics CRM with unlimited process design and management capabilities. Leverage familiar user interfaces, critical data and .NET knowledge and experience to design processes which can transform your organisation. Genpact believes IT people, together with business users, can be the driving force in an organization’s success, if they could adapt its business processes to changing market conditions. Sequence iBPMs is ideal for handling frequent changes to resources and work allocation, enabling managers to impact cost of transaction and profitability. Genpact provides tools for both Business and IT people to quickly create, change and optimize operations. Contact Us…

End-to-End IT Management

Quest, creates software that helps you realize the benefits of new technology. They provide solutions that manage, modernize and secure your enterprise across your endpoints, on-premises infrastructure and in the cloud. Quest helps you conquer your next challenge with confidence.
Quest provides solution for Data Protection, Database Management, Identity & Access Management, Microsoft Platform Management, Performance Monitoring, Unified Endpoint Management.
Data governance means different things to different people. From erwin’s perspective, data governance is a strategic, ongoing practice to ensure organizations have the abilities to discover and track their data, understand what it means within a business context, and maximize its security, quality and value.
The erwin EDGE platform creates an “enterprise data governance experience,” giving organizations visibility and control over their disparate architectures and all the supporting data. And thanks to our data connectors and automation framework, errors go down while the speed and quality of your data pipeline increases.

ERWIN Data Governance Company

Document Management

Go paperless! FileHold is a document management and records management software solution that turns cabinets of paper and electronic files into an organized, highly secure library and allows organizations to fast track to the paperless office. FileHold is easy to use, easy to install, and is applicable to small and large organizations. Affordable, secure document and records management software installed on your premises or in the cloud.
FileHold document management software is a 100% Microsoft®-based solution that allows users to quickly and easily capture and integrate content into its library from network drives, scanners, desktops, or productivity applications. Content distribution and access features ensure that files in the library can be made available by any number of methods including email, Web browser, Microsoft Office® applications ( Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Outlook®, or Visio®), portals or 3rd-party applications through the FileHold Web Services API of FileHold FastFind. Contact Us…
Windward offers powerful reporting and document generation solutions for your software applications.With Windward, you deliver better looking reports, on time.The Windward product suite helps you embed advanced reporting and document generation functionality into your new or existing software application. The Windward Java and .NET engines integrate quickly and cleanly into your codebase.

Document Generation

Windward delivers this revolutionary advance built around a very simple concept. Design your templates in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
The Windward product suite helps you embed advanced reporting tools and document generation software into your new or existing software application. The Windward Java and .NET report engines integrate quickly and cleanly into your codebase. Non-developer employees and end users apply the Windward AutoTag report design tool to create report templates in Microsoft Office®, a tool they already know. Users can then run and distribute those reports when and where they want, in widely used and widely accepted reporting formats. Contact Us…

Advanced Business Process and Workflow Solution

Wonderware Skelta BPM helps organizations get work done intelligently, effectively and in a governed manner. Through its powerful functionality and model driven framework, Wonderware Skelta BPM offers a strong platform for effective modeling across the Enterprise. Wonderware Skelta BPM software delivers advanced workflow solutions and a complete set of tools for creating, executing, and optimizing business processes.
Its 100% embeddable web-based architecture and strong integration capabilities ensures collaboration throughout the Enterprise. The software uses an intuitive, visual process and forms modeling environment for improved productivity and rapid delivery of new business applications.
Wonderware Skelta BPM enables companies to model, execute, analyze and improve operational processes to drive higher levels of productivity, collaboration and innovation. Taking BPM to business operations helps organizations increase competitiveness by capturing best practices, establishing collaboration between separate functional domains and replacing inefficient, error-prone paperwork with electronic workflows. Contact Us…
Jenus offers custom built software and application solutions, from research and development to technical support and maintenance. We unify and integrate different processes of your business and enable optimized information handling and efficient resource allocation. We reduce your operational costs, increase customer satisfaction and generate more profit. We develop effective IT solutions for enterprises based on careful analysis of business problems. These solutions are based on principles of openness, verifiability and scalability.Custom Software Development Service from Jenus offers the full scope of services to deliver cost-effective and reliable software solutions matching your specific needs. Jenus develops software that provides additional value for their customers and helps deliver superior services and products.Portals are an essential component of almost every organization today for improving access to information, exchange of information and enabling business processes. It is useful to connect all internal departments into a web platform, no matter it is a local area or wide area with different locations. Companies and organizations can get their desired type of portal that best meets with their business requirements and offer them a range of benefits.

Custom Software Development

With an intuitive drag and drop framework, you prioritize the operational elements, creating what-if scenarios, highlighting problematic areas and optimizing the organizational portfolio. My Single Point tracks and manages execution from end-to-end while integrating with the existing IT systems for full data validation across the organization. Contact Us…