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Jenus Technologies is a powerful blend of consultancy & digital expertise.
With huge experience in process management and automation, content management and digital capability building, we seek solutions that help our clients achieve their business goals.
The aim of business process management solutions is to enable companies to understand their how they perform their work (greater visibility), improve them (improve effectiveness) and automate them where possible (measurement). At Jenus we help you classify your value added processes, model them and reengineer them in a way that their automation can help strategy execution and operational effectiveness.
An enterprise wide business process management ensures greater visibility into your business processes and improved measurement. To establish a proper BPM requires a partner qualified with the knowledge and expertise to support and manage it.

Business Processes

Cora Sequence by Genpact
Wonderware Skelta BPM by Schneider Electric Ltd

Document Management

FileHold DMS by FileHold Inc.
Wonderware Skelta DMS by Schneider Electric Ltd.
You will see communication problems even between employees in the same office because they do not have easy access to the documents that they need. You find some documents kept by someone in the accounts office, shared directories that serve everybody, some documents in paper form, others in electronic form – quite a free-for-all.An explosion in the number of documents that a company needs does not help. If their storage and indexation are badly organized, these documents become useless because they are almost impossible to find. The results of poor document management can lead to a significant loss of time and money.Movement of paper and physical documents within an organization is error prone and risky as there are chances of loss of data. Electronic movement of content is the most efficient way of informational transactions. It saves the time and money spent on managing the hard copies of the required information.
Extracting real value from data and extending it across the enterprise is the new currency of the organizations. We work with your enterprise to understand business challenges and information obstacles, to identify how to best use the data for your organization.
Jenus delivers the technical, process and organizational architectures to capture, manage and integrate the information assets across all initiatives. The result is a consistent and extensible technical foundation for delivering business value to your enterprise.

Document Generation

Windward by Windward Inc.

Strategy Execution

My Single Point by MSP
Understanding where you want to be, is a major challenge. Identifying the right technology and investing in the right mix, can definitely save you money and help your business operate smoothly.
Jenus Technologies is equipped with a rare set of skills and capabilities across domains and functions. Our local expertise, combined with access to global resources, help us use insights and experience to understand complex issues for any size firm and help them to find solutions.
Many large firms offer “off the shelf” advice and solutions to their clients. At Jenus Technologies we believe each and every client should always receive tailored, commercial and pragmatic advice regardless of the size or complexity of the situation.

Software Development

HTML5, JavaScript, CSS,
Strategy should not remain on paper nor in spreadsheets. Furthermore, companies may have very powerful operational systems and expensive business solutions but they lack the holistic view. Everybody maybe doing their business on operational systems but nobody has an insight if all these resources and tasks are aligned with strategy.
Jenus helps you translate your strategic objectives into measurable and actionable items. We can collaborate with you so that you can start utilizing your corporate data intelligence with interactive dashboards linking your strategic objectives with actual results.

Technology Consulting

Jenus offers custom built software and application solutions, from research and development to technical support and maintenance. We unify and integrate different processes of your business and enable optimized information handling and efficient resource allocation. We reduce your operational costs, increase customer satisfaction and generate more profit. We develop effective IT solutions for enterprises based on careful analysis of business problems. These solutions are based on principles of openness, verifiability and scalability.